Aug. 1943 Established and began press manufacturing at Hinode-cho, Adachi-ku, Tokyo.
Jun. 1947 SATO DENKI SEISAKUSHO incorporated and established to produce mainly a core for the high and low frequency transformer.
Jun. 1949 Scrap less core process method observed by nationally well-known manufactures. The core for the ministry of international trade and industry was originally invented and received high admiration further, the products were improved and eventually, we were able to succeed in the mass-production of the type SA, SB.
May 1951 Established the second factory at Kamihirai, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo.
Dec. 1953 Received a license No. 2594 for manufacturing electric parts form the ministry of international trade and industry.
Apr. 1963 Completed the Saitama factory at Koshigaya-city, Saitama prefecture, started its operation. At the same time the second kamiharai factory was observed into the Saitama factory.
May 1969 Changed the company name form SATO DENKI SEISAKUSHO incorporated to SATO DENKI COMPANY LTD. And at the same restructured the organization.
Jun. 1970 Based upon the vocationally training law, SATO DENKI mutually advanced training school was opened and was authorized by the governor of Tokyo.
Aug. 1973 Based upon the rationalization of the company, we began the five-year plan to introduce large-scale precision machines.
Aug. 1983 Started Line to press , at small and high speed.
Nov. 1987 We received a patent No. 1381602 for thin board rust preventive.
Nov. 1987 Starting a large-scale slitter line which made it possible for us manufacture from materials to the final products.
Mar. 1993 We obtained 10,000u space for a new Saitama factory at the Hidarigaoka industrial complex at Satte-city Saitama prefecture.
May. 1994 We completed the new Saitama factory. We completely transferred the old Saitama factory at Koshigaya-city to new location. We built and renovated the facility in its greater capacity.
June.1995 The New Saitama Factory has compleated and totally transfered the function of ex-Saitama Factory in Koshigaya.
Reinforcement, new establishment, and upgrades of equipment was done.
Dec. 1996 On the site of ex-Saitama Factory built the building named "Core's Building" which has 8020u and
started Real estate lease business.
May. 2000 Yoshimichi Sato has become the third CO.
Aug. 2000 Started processing permaloy.
Oct. 2005 Started the operation of automatic core cutting line to correspond with the special process of materials like 0.23.
Nov. 2007 Obtain ISO9001 certification.
Feb. 2008 Updated one of the two fully automatic thyristor electric furnaces to the latest equipment.
Stable annealing is achieved using two of the most up-to-date electric annealing furnaces.
spt. 2008 Set up a new 35t multi mold line dedicated to cutting cores
To respond to a diversified range of customer requests, we have begun operating the most modern totally automatic equipment, from hole processing (handling multiple holes) to cutting processing.
Apr. 2010 Completed updating of the feeder system for three large press machines (80t, 100t, 200t)
By introducing the latest NC roll feeder available, we established a system to stably manufacture high quality products.
Aug. 2010 ISO Updated.
Apr. 2011 Added a new 35t multi mold line dedicated to cutting cores.
By using two machines in a totally automatic cutting core process line, we established a system to manufacture high quality products stably.
Aug. 2012 Obtained ISO14001 certification.
Jun. 2022 ISO 9001 has penetrated the system and the mechanism has taken root.Returned certification and began in-house operations.


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